No we are like a pharmacist, we only fill the prescriptions. You can go wherever you choose. Call us for a recommended doctor.

No. You can purchase frames elsewhere or use your own frame.

We pride ourselves with our entire staff being certified. This is not a requirement in the state of Texas but something the management requires. It means our staff must pass an extensive exam and maintain CEC every year. We are the only fully certified staff in Wichita Falls.

No, we do an incredible amount of mail order business. Deatherage Certified Opticians is known throughout the area and country.

Absolutely, standard warranty is one year and Anti Reflective coating receives a two year warranty.

Every measurement we take is crucial in giving you the best vision. Our trained staff will fill your needs instead of selling you unnecessary upgrades like some of our commission employee competitors.

No. We will never sell you something you don’t need.

Absolutely not, that prescription belongs to YOU and only you and can be taken anywhere to get your glasses.

No, we offer all brands of sunglasses, contact lenses and even artificial eyes.

Yes! You can purchase one HERE!

Yes. Please discuss with the management.

Yes we do have a program. Call or come by for details.

Yes, if we have the lenses in stock.

We want to be the last and only place for you and your family’s eyewear needs.

Protecting your eyes from the harmful UV light and glare, which can cause headaches and eye strain.

Yes, just need to schedule an appointment.

We receive shipments of new merchandise daily.

Usually every two years but we recommend after 40 years of age, every year.

Absolutely, we unlike our competitors, won’t sell you a frame if it’s not needed.

Well, also unlike our competitors, we will be glad fill the prescription.

It depends on the prescription. Often the same day, while progressive lenses can take 3 to 5 working days and anti-reflective coating takes 7 to 10 days, but well worth the wait.

Yes we have a discount section with an extensive selection of frames.

No, we offer a 90 day redo program and it will be at no charge.

Not if you are a previous customer. You can pay when you pick up glasses/contacts.

No problem, just call us and we will order new lenses so you don’t have to make an extra trip.

No problem, we will exchange them as long as they haven’t worn them.

Not really, as the lenses need the actual sunlight to make them change and under a windshield they won’t turn as dark as outside.

Polarized is our choice, ask staff for more information.

Prizm Eyewear, ask our qualified staff.